Brevard County Dental Hygiene Association

ADHA Institute of Oral Health Scholarship Program
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The primary focus of the program is to provide financial assistance to dental hygiene students and dental hygienists who can demonstrate a commitment to further the discipline of dental hygiene through academic achievement, professional excellence, and a desire to improve the publics overall health.

Florida Foundation of Dental Hygiene Scholarships

The Florida Foundation of Dental Hygiene, Inc., (FFDH), founded in 1997, strives to provide educational, scientific, and charitable programs for the advancement of dental hygiene.  FFDH is currently expanding the opportunities in these areas.

Three five hundred dollar ($500.00) scholarships will be offered this year.  One scholarship will be offered to a dental hygienist who is pursuing an advanced degree in dental hygiene or a related field.  Two scholarships will be awarded to students who will be in their second year of dental hygiene studies as of September, 2015.  The recipients will be recognized during the FDHA Annual Symposium in Orlando, October 2015.

Please encourage your students and members to apply for these scholarships.  Attached are two FFDH scholarship applications, which can be duplicated as necessary.  One is for hygienists who are pursuing an AA or AS degree in dental hygiene.  The other is for dental hygienists who are pursuing a higher degree in dental hygiene or a related field.  Scholarship applications may also be obtained from the Foundation's website at  All applicants MUST send an applicatiion through the web site by SEPTEMBER 1.

ADHA Institute Rosie Wall Community Spirit Grant

Just a reminder that the Rosie Wall Community Spirit Grant  Deadline: February 28.

The Rosie Wall RDH Community Spirit Grant, in an amount ranging from $1,000-$3,000 per recipient, will be presented to up to six applicants (dependent on funding) who are involved in a specific community health or research project. One recipient will be from the state of Hawaii, while the others will be chosen from the rest of the 50 states.

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ADHA Wriggley Company Community Service Grant

Deadline October 30

Service grant will be awarded to applicants who are involved in a specific community health project that improves the public’s oral health and provide oral health education.  $2500- 5000 awarded to grantee.

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The Outstanding Component Member Award to be presented at the FDHA Annual Symposium.  This award is to recognize an individual from the Component for his/her commitment, dedication and service to the local component and the profession of dental hygiene, and deserves careful consideration of the active members, and the part they play in their local components.  
The Criteria is as follows:
  1. Member of ADHA
  2. The recipient should not hold a current FDHA office.
  3. Component officers are eligible for the award including FDHA delegates.
  4. Each component will establish the qualifications necessary for certificate representation, (Example: a long-time member, who whenever asked to, works for and supports the organization, or any other criteria you wish to establish and consider, and does so willingly).
  5. Each component will establish the method of selection either by their executive committee or by the membership at large.
The Selection Criteria is as follows:
  1. Any member of the local component can submit a hygienists name for consideration.
  2. Each component must notify Committee on Membership Chair of their selection by June 30th.
  3. The award will be presented at the FDHA Annual Symposium in Orlando at Opening Ceremonies on Friday  September  2015  Each recipient of the award should be strongly encouraged to attend the Symposium to accept the award in person.  If the member receiving the award is not present, the component should make arrangements to pick up the award for the winner.  Please remember that he/she must exhibit the attributes of a Diamond – Faith, Attitude, Consistency, Effort, Teamwork, and Success!

The FDHA Yvette Blum Lifetime Mentor Award

To recognize an dental hygienist for their outstanding devotion as a mentor to fellow dental hygienists during their career as a dental hygienist

The nominee consistently:
1.  Lends support to student hygienists
2. Mentors hygienists to become members in ADHA/FDHA
3.Encourages member hygienists to become active in   component activities by serving on committees, as officers or as delegates
4.Educates hygienists of legislative issues that impact the profession
5.Supports hygienists to become active in FDHA on the state level
6.Maintains an open door policy on helping fellow hygienists

1.Nominator and nominee must be active members of ADHA/FDHA as stated in Article III, Section 2, A in the bylaws.
2.Except previous recipients, any FDHA active member is eligible to receive this award.
3.Nominators must submit a letter addressing the abovementioned criteria to the Council on Membership by June 30 each year.

1.The selection committee will be comprised of the Council on Membership, and last recipient of the award who shall serve as Chair.   The COM Chair shall serve as committee chair until an initial winner is named or if the previous winner cannot or chooses not to Chair the committee.
2.Announcement of the upcoming award and criteria will be published in winter issue of Prophyways and is emailed to all component presidents in March each year.
3.The Executive Director verifies each nominee’s membership, and each criterion is worth three points.  Members of the council shall independently review nominations awarding up to three points on each criteria.  The Chair shall tally the points to determine the recipient and will only cast a vote if there is a tie. 
    E. AWARD
1.The Chair of COM will present the award at Opening ceremonies of the Annual Symposium.
2.Each nominator and nominee will be announced
3.The award will be a pin, a framed certificate and a laminated copy of the letter nominating the recipient.

Past BCDHA winners include Connie Maltby (2013) and Jani Elkins (2014).

For  EFSC Dental Hygiene Students,  contact the Eastern Florida State College Foundation for scholarship information at (321) 433-7055