Brevard Dental Hygienists' Association
Substitute Hygienists and Assistants

Please note the BCDHA Substitute List is a benefit of Membership in ADHA or  by paid request.  The requirements of licensure or references are the responsibility of the parties involved. Underlined names indicate e-mail link. A red asterik *  indicates a  subbing hygienist or assistant also available for  permanent employment. Updated 10-8-2017. Please contact Sandy at to post information.

NAME                                       PHONE    BREVARD AREA           DAYS AVAilable

Jennifer Brown *                     412-4021                All Brevard                   Mon-Fri    

Lisa Murphy- Buxton              919- 928-6986          Central/south               Mon-Fri            

Cindy Evans                            652-5758                 All Brevard                 Mon-Fri 

Doreen Freeman                     636-9224 (H)            All Brevard                Friday
                                               431-5478 (C) 

Jen Hendrickson                      321-302-3065          All Brevard                  Mon - Fri

Sherry Priami                       321-759-3810             All Brevard                   Friday

Lisa Soderberg                    321- 508-7102             Central/South               Fri                     


NEW!!  Dental Assistants for temping


If you would like to post an advertisement for an employment opportunity at your  office, please contact  There is a charge of $50.00 to post an ad for 30 days.  Please contact our treasurer, Ann Marie Commisso at   regardinging payment.


Your feedback is important to us. Please let us know if we were able to assist you with your employment needs.  We would also like to know if the position is filled so that  your office will not be inundated with job applicant calls. 

To update this information, contact BCDHA at

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